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A journey through time on the carriage of Manoa

There is something about riding a cart that excite the tourists. It is perhaps the extent of fresh air or the sense of exploration through a familiar place via unusual transport. And while carriage rides continue to grow in popularity as a must-do for these visits Hawaii, very few know about original cart Island - Manoa trolley.

Manoa Trolley

Truck provided the primary means of transportation in a vacant Manoa Valley both.

During the end of the 19th century, the electric trolley have persons in the Valley of Manoa, who at the time was composed of taro fields, dairy farms and a plant of POI. He would become the main contributors to the development of houses in the Valley, but in its first run, transported from bananas, chickens, buckets of POI and newspapers in the Valley as well.

According to an article by the late Charles s. Bouslog, a former Professor of the University of Hawaii, the attraction of 3.4 miles round-trip trolley carries passengers from Punahou and Wilder Avenues in the Valley. The trip took 15 minutes each way, taking his first race at 06: 25 and the last to 22: 55 after climbing the Hill and stopping in the Valley, the truck waited five minutes before the conductor reversed the seats and continued his run in the opposite direction.

In 1910 - a decade after the initial launch of the truck - more than 9 million people rode the trolley in the year. It has become a "work, support the community, light rail complex," which was once again introduced in American cities. At a rate of nickel, passengers could jump on or off each side of the carriage.

In 1923, the trolley route was expanded. From A'ala Park, he went through downtown at Beretania then Ke'eaumoku before making the arduous climb in the Valley. The introduction of the bus on the island in the 1930s eventually eclipsed the trucks, and they were left in the history. Bouslog wrote: "the abandoned cars were soon dismantled and burned, and in smoke, an era is derived."

Source: "civilization and the chariot of Manoa, 1901-1933 - an elegy" by Charles s. Bouslog (1986)

Photo credit: Fred Stindt photograph, Collection of Hawaiian railway society

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