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Halekulani Gets a cooler appearance

A Hawaii luxury resort known worldwide for their gracious hospitality and impeccable service recently completed a consolidation of several million dollars. Halekulani Hotel Waikiki has undergone significant work of renovation, which ended this summer nearly four years. And in doing so, yet made his Hawaiian name as a "celestial paradise".

Halekulani Hotel

The suite of Diamond Head at the Halekulani.

The most apparent improvements to guests will certainly be made to all 453 guest rooms and suites. Each has been updated to capture more light and airy Visual areas natural to the sea. With new furniture and equipment, the rooms are designed to feel more spacious, but with a contemporary of convenience. Bathroom improvements include more modern showers, washbasins, sinks, lighting and fixtures.

The fitness room, Business Centre, banquet and Hall rooms were also renovated to meet legendary style of Halekulani. After all, the hotel has been around for more than 100 years, so it seems to be a convenient time to renew its image while maintaining its reputation for excellence and quality.

I most look forward to changes made to the culinary programs and menus of Halekulani. This will include a unique new concept and new style afternoon tea bar. I am a big fan of the and often goes me to the same locations around the city. It would be good to change it and discover that implies the version of Halekulani of afternoon tea.

Photo credit: Halekulani Hotel

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