Thursday, July 26, 2012

Poipu beaches

Most impressive beaches of Kauai are located on the North Shore, a compelling reason to vacation in this region. Our first trip to Kauai, many years ago we stayed in Princeville, attracted by the beauty of the landscape. On our first day trip visit to Poipu, we were a little stumped by Poipu Beach Park. It is a beautiful beach to be sure, but not on the same scale as some of the offerings of the North Coast. However, what we find as casual visitors to the area were other Poipu beaches. And is that in reality, we stayed at Poipu we discovered Mahaulepu, one of the hidden treasures of Poipu.

Of course we know better now, after staying in Poipu several times. For those who are not certain if Poipu has enough beaches to satisfy, take a look at the following video that shows all the.


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