Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Computer graphics: Discover Hawaii Tours on TripAdvisor

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You probably already know that we encourage our clients to publish reviews of discover Hawaii Tours on TripAdvisor, the largest online travel community in the world. And TripAdvisor has just received their 75th review million online - a huge step for the travel industry.

TripAdvisor celebrates its 75 millionth reviewTripAdvisor celebrates its 75 millionth review

In celebration, TripAdvisor released a computer graphics with interesting statistics about the opinions and criticism from users - such as the fact that the user Fiver75 has downloaded 10 230 photos!

We want to show our appreciation of TripAdvisor and also our guests to this possible step. Thus, we have our own version of computer graphics of TripAdvisor. I overloaded the numbers on our magazines, photos and fans and discover some interesting data.

Did you know that? Discover that Hawaii Tours received 1.01 reviews every day since October 18, 2008? (The date of our first review on TripAdvisor).

Infographic: Discover Hawaii Tours on TripAdvisor(Click to enlarge)

Read why we prefer TripAdvisor on Yelp.

Jonah Kaimana is a blogger and social media to discover Hawaii Tours. Jonah was born and high on the island of Oahu and written about news and company updates. Jonas likes to share the wonders of Hawaii with readers around the world.


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