Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Handmade travel art for children's room

In a little over nine weeks, our little bundle should arrive joy! I think that we have ready to go the important things. A car seat is in fact your baby home from the hospital to bring everything you really need. In addition it is all just icing on the cake, but I love frosting, so I have been together many small details in the children's room pull have. The "theme" for Sam's nursery is travel, a passion of my husband and me. Some time ago I came across this adorable embroidery art by Etsy artist Jennifer Allevato.

embroidery art

Is doing me also this beautiful state of art pieces, which I fell in love in you in love!

state art

I decided to use this as my inspiration, try a few of my own. I have a the Iowa (where I'm from) one of Ireland (Tim from), is one of South Carolina (where Sammy from become!). I used fabric remnants from my collection. Vintage buttons from a huge supply that last summer mark my mother me the exact location of the House (Sioux City, Belfast, and Greenville).

nursery embroidery art

They are definitely not as good as Jennifer, but I think that it turned out pretty cute. I think I paid less than a dollar for each embroidery tyres and everything else was free, making my total investment in this art project about $3 and a couple of hours. Plus they are handmade by me, that makes still special, isn't it?


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