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Take a virtual tour of paradise

You never dream of traveling the world? I am; in fact, I do not deny do so through Google Maps. Often, a quick search for a range of Tahiti or the Eiffel Tower in France will be satisfy my itchy travel. Recently, Google has added interactive panoramic photos of popular attractions in Hawaii ' I, as a means for you to obtain the "vacation in paradise, virtual" as said in a Google blog post.

Google?s Scenic Hawaii

The interactive gallery would be not complete without a snapshot of Waikiki.

An extended version of the Gallery of Google Street View, "Scenic Hawaii" took users through volcanic lava fields, to the bottom of the band Waikiki and especially the beautiful Waimea Canyon. You can even get a quick sample of what it is like to attend a traditional Hawaiian lu 'au, as Google shows this with a panorama of a Lahaina former lu' au on Maui.

My favorite is the image of other Lana' greenery of Beautiful i. fills the entire panorama, as a few walks right past you. It?s almost as he you?re. Although I have never actually been to this island (yet) and - as many of you - live vicariously through virtual methods of Google.

Google?s Scenic Hawaii

Welcome to the National Park Hawaii volcanoes on the big island!

The panoramic image moves continuously until roll you the mouse on the photo. She stops moving and then allows the user to "walk" forward and backwards, zoom in/out and even find the location in Google Maps. I would say that Google has made dream that much easier for me and for the rest of its users. Now, how combat make us these dreams come true and travel "for real"?

HAWAII panoramic Google and Interactive panoramic images of Hawaii /!/scenic-hawaii

Photo credit: the panoramic Gallery of Hawaii for Google screenshots

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14 July 2012


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