Monday, July 23, 2012

Hawaiian Airlines to begin the Service in Australia, New Zealand

Large carrier of Hawaii, Hawaiian Airlines expands new ways cities of destination in recent years. This week, the company announced that it will begin in Brisbane, Australia, in November and in Auckland in New Zealand in March.

Hawaiian Airlines will begin route service to Brisbane, Australia this November and to Auckland, New Zealand in March 2013.Hawaiian Airlines will begin route service in Brisbane, Australia in November and New Zealand Auckland in March 2013. Photo: Airforcefe on Flickr.

Hawaiian Airlines serves several area of the Pacific for some time. They managed to fill their route between Sydney, Australia and Honolulu, Hawaii, so that they will add a new route on 27 November.

Just in time for the summer in the southern hemisphere, you can take advantage of Christmas angels of manufacture of sand and snorkeling at the great barrier reef!

Early March, 2013 Hawaiian Airlines will be the only American carrier to have a service in the New Zealand. Carrier Air New Zealand and Qantas Australian use of New Zealand, and Hawaiian Airlines is looking to get a piece of the market.

New Zealand's rugged and dramatic landscapes draw in visitors from all over the world. Photo:MAZZALIARMADI.IT on FlickrDraw landscapes rugged and spectacular of the New Zealand in visitors from around the world. Photo: on Flickr

America has fallen in love with the landscapes of New Zealand over and over again, especially because of films like "The Lord of the rings" trilogy which was filmed in New Zealand. That no shortage of wonderful landscapes, a trip to New Zealand will be one to remember.

If you fly on Hawaiian Airlines between the Hawaiian Islands, you should be aware of their new baggage policy so that you do not strike the surprises at the door!

See all Hawaiian Airlines flies visit their Web site and don't forget to visit our Blog of travel Hawaii for ideas for holiday, travel, features of the Tower, highlights of the activity and any other Hawaii!


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