Sunday, July 22, 2012

Hanalei Bay - Best Beach Hawaii?

We've updated our guide to the most beautiful beaches of Hawaii where we list our appointments for the 30 most beautiful beaches of Hawaii. This year the Hanalei Bay Gets the honours, beating the Oahu Kailua Beach. Hanalei Bay is much in common with Kailua - it is in a residential area without hotels or condos, mountains provide a magnificent setting, and the two are little busy with and offer a range of water activities.

There are some other notable changes in our ranking. Waikiki beach, one of the verbose beaches of Hawaii with all sorts of activities, from 6 positions to # 13. It is the decline in tourism since heavily penalize us overcrowding Waikiki. Poipu beach park dates back to the chart with the return of the Tombolo (a sand bar extending from the shore) and a great effort by residents who cut the scrub which encroached on the sand. And to make an appearance for the first time in our (curiously absent in the past) list is the wonderful beach of Maha'ulepu of Kauai.

As indicated on our list, all the Islands have beautiful beaches, including Big Island. List of guides from beach of the island more than 100 tourist beaches. Here is a short video of Hanalei Bay to give you a taste of what looks like the beach during the summer when the sea is calm.

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