Monday, July 23, 2012

Introduction of Kauai GPS Tour Guide for the iPhone

Imagine having a local expert guide you as you drive around Kauai.

Kauai GPS Tour Guide for the iPhone is a virtual tour guide who speaks to holidaymakers as they drive around Kauai. Using the GPS integrated with the iPhone, the Tour Guide knows exactly where the travellers are and alerts of hidden beaches, scenic lookouts, historic sites, hiking, markets of producers and many other attractions of Kauai.

The Guide tourist GPS of Kauai is the first App of its kind available to visitors to the island of Kauai. It's like having a reader resident on the island with you to talk about the island. Unlike a guide where you are constantly flipping pages trying to understand where you are and what is around you, the tour you tells hidden places and guides you to hard to find attractions.

The tour includes more than 200 points of interest and uses a real human voice - not a computer generated one. The application also includes the entire range and guidelines of snorkelling, Kauai General information for tourists, including detailed Ocean safety guidelines and select the activity and restaurant recommendations, weather forecasts and surfing, directions.

Travel guide of Kauai GPS is available for only $7,95 iTunes or the iPhone app store. He also works with the iPad 3 G + Wifi model. Unfortunately we do not have an Android version yet, but with the popularity of devices such as the T-Mobile Galaxy S we can consider adding Android support in the future.

Kauai GPS Tour Guide for the iPhoneKauai GPS Tour Guide for the iPhone

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