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The truth about travel scams

Travel scams are a good way to ruin your vacation and finance. Some individuals and companies feed on holidaymakers by offering travel deals to be taking your money without anything showing or practice across unsavory tactics.

Hana Maui

The dilemma of the timeshare

Several times, you go to a foreign country or resort and find strewn terrain for the purchase of a timeshare. You are already on holiday, but they are trying to suck the money from your pockets for your next vacation and other excursions in the years to come. Now at first glance, he y nothing wrong with the timeshare. However, some people who sell of timeshares will therefore illegally, asking you to pay money to the front, giving you the red tape that is later proven worthless. Don't get caught up in the moment. Whatever attractive how can seem the timeshare, wait until you get home and are able to research before you buy a timeshare.

The sting of Club travel

Some travel clubs will charge an arm and a leg for accession on the people wanting access to travel. It simply not appropriate these types of taxes, so if membership fees are out of your price range, define yourself try to afford.

Mysterious credit card charges

Sometimes when you're on vacation, you can come to find that you have been accused of things that you pay; whenever you are on a trip, be careful to keep your credit card in your pocket or obtained immediately when you are not using it. Better yet, keep locked in a room safe unless you go somewhere where you drag it. It is not a rare practice to receive charges ghosts. They can always be challenged later, but save you some time in advance.

Do research before your holiday, and you will be able to avoid many unpleasant travel fraud. You make sure that your holiday is relaxing and stress-free.

Guest Post by Emily Green, a Boston freelance writer with more than six years of travel writing experience.

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14 July 2012


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