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Mount waves of Heather Brown Art

Surf Hawaii ' I, reached beyond the blue shades deep ocean. It is in the way we dress and how we are talking about; Surf was injected into our culture and transmitted through various creative mediums. So when local artists around from time to time, we would like to give a soft tip of the hat to show that we appreciate their effort.

Heather Brown Art

Unique art pieces of Heather became an item in the world.

Heather Brown, however, looks like it will be paste for much longer that it takes paint drying. The North Shore O' native ahu runs with the simplicity of lifestyle surf and makes it his own. His surfing and the ocean inspired art adopts a more bold approach as live, with brighter colors, flat brush strokes and darker edges. Heather describes his work as "alive".

Today, you can find his work on greeting cards, clothing, bags and cases for the iPhone. Heather was great-time when she was selected by Rip Curl their artist research, just four years and recently, her own line called "Rip Curl by Heather Brown." Heather earned a Bachelor's degree in fine arts from the University of Hawaii at Manoa and loves drawing, photography and painting. It describes a rare method of making art since the end of engraving and describes his experience of meditation.

Heather Brown Art

Gallery of Heather Brown famous only three years, which is also when it launches its line of Rip Curl.

I think I had one of his first impressions of an art gallery in Chinatown. This is a surfer guy and surfer girl looking at the waves of the coast. The impression is comfortably posted up in my kitchen, next to the calendar of the ocean tide and reminds me from time to time of life how simple can be. All that is necessary is a shirt of bath, some sunscreen, Sun and sand.

Perhaps you can also get an overview of this way of life when you look at the illustrations of Heather. Anyway, it's nice to see a local artist to do the laid-back town of North Shore surfing so well. You go, girl!


Photo credit: Heather Brown Art

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27 July 2012


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