Friday, July 27, 2012

Cloudy day in Hawaii

Perhaps the most disquieting aspect of planning a trip to Hawaii is to determine what the weather will be during your stay. There are several sources for weather forecasts, and many of them are inaccurate. Weather in Hawaii is very localized, you must therefore ensure that you need at a scheduled time. The best source for forecasts is the National Weather Service Forecast in Honolulu. The worst that I have seen is the weather forecast of the iPhone. I don't know what data provider is average.

Most often the forecast calls for a mix of Sun and clouds and a 40-60% chance of rain. In Hawaii, cloud free sky is rare - there are usually a puffs of cloud somewhere. Similarly, the days where the entire sky is covered are also rare. The picture below represents what I consider the typical "cloudy" day in Hawaii. Clouds are moving through fairly quickly, with some localized rain and areas of Sun. A day like this weather would have probably said that there is 50% chance of rain.

A Typically Cloudy Day in HawaiiA cloudy day generally in Hawaii

Of course the time to worry about time, if you are so inclined, is when you are deciding where to stay. Our Hawaii Weather Guide will give you a good idea of seasonal rains in various parts of Hawaii.


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