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Our Hawaii Favorite falls

Hawaii is famous for its natural beauty. Beaches, pristine and brilliant coral reefs of the lush tropical forest with waterfalls to breathtaking. Here is an overview of our favorite Hawaii falls.

Rainbow Falls is our favorite waterfall on the big island of Hawaii. Located just outside the city of Hilo in Wailuku River State Park, this waterfall received his nickname, the wind carrying the mist in the air, giving on a rainbow of shimmering colours.

After heavy rains, Rainbow Falls splits into two making an amazing double waterfall.After heavy rains, Rainbow Falls splits into two, making an incredible double waterfall.

Falls to pay more than 80 feet on a former cellar of Hawaiian in a pond on the Wailuku River. The best time to visit Rainbow Falls in the morning when the Rainbow from the Sun hitting the mist is indeed it is higher.

Visit Rainbow Falls on a Big Island volcano tour and experience of Hawaii volcanoes and the Hawaiian hideaway in the city of Hilo.

Another on our favorite Hawaii cascades is Wailua Falls on Maui. Located just after the town of Hana on the road to Hana, Wailua falls poured over a rocky cliff over 200 feet into a pond of shimmering colours.

Wailua Falls is our favorite waterfall on Maui, and is found on the beautiful Hana Highway, voted one of the best drives in the country!Wailua Falls is our favorite waterfall in Maui and is located on the beautiful road to Hana, voted one of the best drives in the country!

Another fall from spectacular water, found on the road to Hana is Puohokamoa Falls. Most people do not know there are actually two parts to Puohokamoa Falls, a top and a bottom falls.

Puohokamoa Falls is not as famous as other Hawaii waterfalls but is definitely just as beautiful!Puohokamoa Falls is not famous other falls of Hawaii, but is certainly just as beautiful!

Two of these beautiful waterfalls lie on the road to Hana in Maui. A visit of the road to Hana with us and see the majestic natural wonders!

One of our favourite Cascades on Oahu is Waimea Falls. Located in Waimea Valley on the North coast of Oahu, Waimea Falls is one of the most popular falls on Oahu. It is perhaps not the highest waterfalls of Hawaii, Waimea Falls is famous for its large pond for swimming.

Want to go for a dip? Join us on an eco adventure tour and experience Waimea Falls!You want to go for a dip? Join us for an adventure eco travel and the experience of Waimea Falls!

One of the lesser-known Hawaii falls is Likeke Falls. Nestled between the mountains of KB ' olau on the side exposed to the wind of Oahu, Likeke Falls is a short hike through the tropical forest of the road.

Join us on tour to hike until the fall or do a day in Hawaii outdoors by going on a Zipline/kayak/snorkel/hiking adventure!

Experience the cooling waters of Likeke Falls after a hike through Oauh's rainforest.The cooling waters of Likeke falls experience after a trek through the rainforest of Oahu.

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