Thursday, July 26, 2012

Enjoying Hawaii in the mountains to the ocean

This may seem stupid, but the other day, I had a sudden awareness of incredible way Hawaii is. "Of course, you need not here ask what planet I have been living the thing is, I've lived here, in" paradise, "all my life but only recently have succumbed to its beauty.".

Hawaii Sunset

The same could go for anyone who gets taken with the daily grind, check the ideas on your list of tasks without stopping to appreciate what is around you. whether it's lush, green mountains or a stretch of skyscrapers and the city lights, take a moment for you. When on your Hawaii vacation, try not too consuming in your tourist guides; on the contrary, the Hawaii experience in real life.

By "real life", I mean, let the trade winds brush against your cheeks, feeling each small grain of sand between your toes and enjoying a sunset Hawaiian with your eyes, not only your camera. What a guide can not pass through pages of text and the experience. Hawaii is one of the places where you can go in the mountains to the ocean (or vice versa) in a single day, take advantage of two completely different worlds that are beautiful in their own way.

It is actually very easy to do so; in fact, it is what inspired me to write this story. The other day, I spent the first part of the morning hiking ridge of Mariner. He took us to the top of the KB 'olau' mountain, where we enjoyed one of the most gorgeous views of the island – a complete panorama of the coast the wind of O ahu. Then we made our way down in the city, and of course, the full with some delicious local food. And as if this point of picturesque views of the island was not enough, we have completed the day surfing one of my favourite waves during the hour of gold in the sunset...This my now! It is not really better than this and this, so I'm very grateful. Hawaii pas ka oi! (Hawaii is the best!)

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16 July 2012


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