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Aloha abroad: carpet of Belgian flowers

Hawaii ' I, we use flowers to make lei as a way of sharing the aloha spirit. We see them on dancers Hula, tourists and the inhabitants celebrate a special occasion. Belgium, however, has taken the use of these beauties growing to the next level in the perhaps most grandiose manner - by creating a 20 square foot "carpet" of 700 000 fresh flowers.

Belgium Flower Carpet 2012

It is a tradition that has happened every two years since 1971 and adds color to the Grand-Place in Brussels, with a special theme for each display; the current 2012 carpet illustrates the history and beauty of Africa, which has the power to make us dream to the rhythm of his dance, his drums and its culture. It is not the first time an entire continent has was bound in a floral mosaic. The carpet of the Belgium also posted the Asia and Europe in the past.

For five days, the carpet of flowers attracts tourists and the inhabitants of his court. Despite being named a "carpet", they are not allowed to walk on or through the floral creation, but rather along the perimeter. The best view, however, is no doubt a panorama from the balcony of the Town Hall of Brussels. It takes several months of preparation and planning as well as the help of hundreds of volunteers before the final debut of begonias and dahlia bright flowers of the city.

How started this tradition? All began with the love of a man for begonias, believe it or not. Stautemas e. landscape architect took his experiences with carpets of flowers and blew up a proportion of life-size in 1971. He eventually obtained special requests for carpets from other countries before its mysterious disappearance. The Brussels carpet, however, lived since and continue to enchant visitors each year.

Belgian FLOWER CARPET 2012 / 15-19 August 2012 09 - 23 / Grand-Place in Brussels, Belgium /

Photo courtesy: Gaston Batistini

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