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Ted Bakery: home of Haupia chocolate pie

Ted bakery on the north shore of the O'ahu gives a broad meaning of the term, "bakery." The assortment of ice cakes and pastries frosty never fails to produce mouth water and add to these desires, the Sunset Beach restaurant also offers lunches of the plate, sandwiches, salads, smoothies and acai bowls. It has become a popular hideout inspired by the surrounding surf and the sea with the sandy bare feet and murals painted waves, adding to the casual beach atmosphere.

Ted's Bakery Pie

A slice of famous pies of Ted savory: chocolate, cream whipped and haupia baked in a flaky crust.

We go whenever we are on the north side because it is conveniently located next to one of our favorite surf spots. There are only a handful of restaurants on this portion of the North Shore, which is probably why the line Ted customers is usually the door. The Interior resembles a mini mart with takeaway in refrigerators, perfect for a beach picnic or the drive out of the country and back in the city. Therefore, most people order the freshly-elements in the menu, which requires a little wait, be patient.

Some, like my parents, make the reader of the hour-plus of the North Coast for a tasty part of the cream pie chocolate haupia of Ted. They can also be purchased in supermarkets, but the costs out of the fact all four the difference in taste. Depending on the season, Ted refrigerator may also be filled with slices (or whole pies) strawberry or Blueberry cream, cream Bavarian fishing, cheese pineapple and pumpkin haupia cream.

Ted's Bakery Acai

You could also cool with a bowl of acai, topped with granola bars and fresh fruit.

Fortunately, Ted has recently added more tables covered with umbrellas outside the bakery. Before that, you would see people eat and standing or seated on the sidewalk near the road. I used to feel like a hawk stalks its prey every time that I waited for one of the five tables open. Now, there is less stress and more time to enjoy the food.

TED Baker / 59-024 Kamehameha Hwy., Sunset Beach, HI 96712 (maps) / opens Mon - Mar 07-18, Wed - Sun 07-20 / / available parking, near free bus line

Photo credit: Kelci Renshaw (second)

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