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Fur makes a Rare appearance in Hawaii

The usually quiet summer days on the North coast of O'ahu had disrupted earlier this week... by the arrival of a seal Mignon in Sunset Beach. It caused a great commotion among the city surf because he seemed nothing like the Hawaiian monk seal we are so accustomed to see on our sandy shores.

And it turns out that it is not. The weak and emaciated seal is a seal in the North, whose home is thousands of kilometres later in the waters around the Aleutian Islands and California. It is a "very unusual situation," according to Mary Harbold Honolulu Zoo, as indicated in a communiqué of the city and the County of Honolulu. In fact, it is the first recorded wild fur seals to Hawaiian waters.

Northern Fur Seal in Hawaii

The Northern fur seal was treated temporarily at the Honolulu Zoo.

Then, how the female visitor has so far South? Some believe that there may be hitchhiking on some debris from the tsunami Japan 2011, or on a cargo ship. Us will never really know. What we know is that he was taken to the Honolulu zoo, where he was placed in quarantine to protect the other native mammals. Fur can carry a virus called morbillvirus, which is similar to measles and could quickly reduce the population of Hawaiian monk seals, if affected.

It is now on the way to the Marine Mammal Center in California for rehabilitation. If you come across a seal on the beach, it is best to admire it from afar, as it will probably be an endangered Hawaiian monk seal. Volunteers, usually put in place protective barriers around the seal stranded on beaches once they are informed of his arrival.

Photo credit: City and County of Honolulu

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