Thursday, August 9, 2012

Discover your Aloha Spirit on vacation in paradise!

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If this is something that you are bound to find vacation in Hawaii, it is "Aloha spirit". Many know "Aloha" as a Hawaiian greeting, but there is much more to it. Here's how you can discover your Aloha spirit in heaven!

Discover your Aloha Spirit in paradise with Discover Hawaii Tours!Discover your Aloha spirit in heaven with discover Hawaii Tours!

You can discover the Aloha spirit almost anywhere in Hawaii. It is an energy in the air, a smile on the face of a person and even that special feeling you get when you go that you are in paradise.

Get out and discover the beauty of Hawaii on the eco-tour and you are sure to discover the spirit of Aloha! Hiking up to waterfalls hidden in the meeting of the marine fauna, having a moment with nature will give you an assessment still plue for our beautiful world.A Hawaiian luau head where the spirit of Aloha can be heard, seen and tasted even better! Thunder of drums, beautiful hula dancers, delicious dishes from Hawaii and the performance of hypnotic fire knife will show you the magic of Hawaii and hence the Aloha spirit.Learn about the history and culture on an island of Hawaii circuit.Faced with the beauty of Hawaii is a key element in the discovery of your Aloha spirit to paradis, and will certainly help to this tour!

The deep meaning of the Aloha is "Happy sharing the energy of life in the present." You can share this spirit by expressing your passion and your positivity to your environment and the future with people that you love.

The best way to learn more about the Aloha spirit is someone who lives it, and our guides most certainly do! Our guides are "Ambassadors of the Aloha" and would like to share them with you!

See this recent post of a blogger of travel on his experience with one of our guides and how "Cousin Kev" informed of a rainy day.

Even a little birdie knew "Cousin Kev" had the Aloha Spirit and decided to join him!Even a small birdie knew "Cousin Kev" had the Aloha spirit and decided to join him!

Don't forget to take home with you Aloha spirit after your holiday. The world will never be enough positivity!

Fortunately the "Aloha Spirit" is contagious, so once that get you it, it is difficult not to propagate. And if you see someone throw a shaka, always remember to shaka back!

Discover the spirit of Aloha in paradise with us!


Verna may Nahulu is a writer for discover Hawaii Tours. Verna has a strong interest in Hawaiian culture, history, traditions and history of the people of Hawaii. Born and raised on Maui, Verna moved to Oahu to study at the University of Hawaii and experience the life of a vibrant city of Honolulu.


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