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Hot Diggity KC Waffle dog

Move over, hot dog and bun smorgasBORE. If you have not already heard, Hawaii giving a new meaning to what is really "hot" in the field of sausages. Citrus press and plumper that your typical dog, this wiener won approval with each bite of first. But his fluffy waffle envelope is what really steals the show in edible avant-garde.

KC Waffle Dog

The KC dog Waffle made an appearance at the ' Iolani fair.

For 75 years, KC dog Waffle has transformed the simple idea of a pulp covered waffle hot dog in a family business prosperous, and even more impressive, a lighthouse in the history of Hawaii. Residents of long date, as my parents, remember the early days of this innovative dog - at the Drive-Inn Kapahulu KC, where the waitresses delivered fries and dogs for the cars of customers.

Although the drive-in is a thing of the past, the legacy of the waffle dog continues. Visitors can their sample throughout the O'ahu and now on the island. You might see even pops up at festivals and fundraising events. I remember as a child, but only recently revived eat my craving for them in the ' Iolani fair. Honestly, I'm not usually a kind of hot dog person (what kind of person who is), but a certain way, Waffle dog makes me forget that.

It is likely that no waffle dog will be the same; Some are of the rectangular form perfect whereas others have additional waffles adornments giving each dog a layer of character. Customers usually look the facts in the waffle special of the dog, as cooks pour batter on top of the dog and slowly press the mould of iron with extreme precision.

You can eat plain or with the classic combo condiment mustard/relish and ketchup. You would be surprised of the authentic art of hot dog which was released on these paintings waffle. Hmm, that makes me wonder if someone has tried soaking their dog of waffles with maple syrup? Or coconut syrup? Or both? It would be incredible!

Find KC waffle dog at these locations:


Panini Grill / Kahala Mall 4211, avenue Wai'alae, # 33, Honolulu, Colombia HI 96816 (map)

Petals & beans / 1288 Ala Moana Blvd., Honolulu, HI 96814 (map)

Da Snack Shop / 94-370 Pupupani St., # 101, Honolulu, HI 96797 (Map)


Punch to your taste / 790 Leilani St., Hilo, Colombia 96720 HI (map)

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