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Having a ball! The Pacific ocean

The ocean is full of treasures, and if you look carefully, you will find some of these nautical jewels beached - shell, glass of sea and Driftwood galore. But those who really seem very just may cross the mother of all discoveries, which became one of the most wanted in the trunk to the Treasury from the sea on this day.

Glass Floats Hawaii

Glass floats were once used by fishermen in the European countries and easterners, particularly to the Japan. Put fishermen in large groups to the bustier with glass fixed floats drift providing buoyancy. Many tanks eventually earthquake their free and floating way miles on miles before reaching land.

Today, they have become a hot object in the collection because the fishermen no longer use the float glass. The advent of plastics and the decline of the commercial fishery rejected the idea of using floats; millions still remain along the ocean until the currents to help him find a second home on land, where they end you up probably that adorn the gardens, patios and lounges.

Japanese Glass floats, because they are more commonly known, can be as small as a ball golf or wholesale as a beach ball and come in different shapes and colors. The most common color is green because the material of glass is usually recycled wine bottles. Other colors included blue green, blue, Amethyst, purple and yellow, red or cranberry are very rare but they are made with gold.

Glass Floats Hawaii

So far, we have found a green dark the size of a basketball and a blue light with the water inside. I have read that water gets through the microscopic pores and can float even more rare glass. I would like to find a day which is not round but rather in the form of roll pastry, football or dumbbells. And while I am announcing my wishlist, I want to find one that has a feature such as marking embossed or seal button which sealed the hole in the float. More special glass float, more value - which can vary from $ 5 to $ 4,000.

Adventure of the ocean of the floats is determined by the flow of currents, taking them to Hawaii, Alaska, Oregon, Washington, British Colombia, Guam and Samoa.

Photo credit: Noa Myers

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16 August 2012


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