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What's Up with the Red Earth of Kauai?

Do not be alarmed if your clothes get stained by the infamous red dirt of Kaua'i ' i. He considers a souvenir from the island of your Hawaii vacation on Garden Island, where the Red dust covers roads, sidewalks, buildings and cars; He made his way in the ocean and rivers during heavy rains.

Red Dirt Kauai

Kaua'i has become famous for its red earth.

Whenever I visit the island, I can not help but notice how quickly the landscape during a walk through the southern coast - a city Koloa lush, green dry, sunny Po' IPU to the portion of Kekaha Hanapepe rustic Red Earth. It is miles of Red dust. Why so red? The answer lies in the fact that Kaua'i ' i is the oldest of the Hawaiian Islands; like good wine, Foundation of Kaua'i ' volcanic rocks i rusty, age over time (millions of years) until it has transformed the Earth that we know today. The red color comes from the large amount of iron oxide in the Earth.

Not only is it everywhere, it is very Têtu, too. Red stains are permanent and impossible to delete. Some say that this is the reason behind the Hawaiian custom to remove your shoes before entering a person's home. Others, such as the real dirt Hawaii, call the local Earth a single undertaking.

Dirt Shirt Kauai

Innovative use of the Red dust of Kaua'i ' i - dye T-shirts with it!

Here, we are talking about dying shirts with "100% pure red dirt," as indicated on the site of real dirt. The company has transformed a disastrous situation in a company in full growth after Hurricane Iniki in 1992. He left the mother and pop printing operation literally covered in red dust. This is when they have the brilliant idea of turning disaster into a growing company by creating dirt shirts. They were an instant hit with the community on the island and later tourists. Today, you can find Dirt shirts online or in their store of Ele'ele. There are other companies that use the same concept as well.

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13 August 2012


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