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Hamura has the best Saimin

Saimin of Hamura renewed my faith in chopsticks. Until our trip to Kaua'i ' i a few weeks ago, I had given up the pair in wood and has resorted to fashion old way American eat - with a fork. Why? Because it is a faster way to get food of plate in the stomach. EH well, for me in any case - a lag of half-Chinese who grew up in a household of users of the baton. Imagine that I've never really mastered the chop chop.

Hamura's Saimin Kauai

To make the dumplings and noodle house for a savory Kaua'i ' flat i.

…Until I went to Hamura's Saimin Stand for the first time. We have y to the lunch hour. Lihue MOM-and-pop restaurant was already packed with people squatting in the steaming bowls of the speciality of the island. As we waited for a seat, I noticed that everyone ate with chopsticks. Residents, tourists and even the little tykes finally began to feed themselves are used as utensils. Why did i?

We are sitting on counters in the form of U, elbow to elbow with our neighbours saimin-slurping, and ordered saimin won ton with a side of teriyaki barbecue sticks (a must!). Front of us, a bald guy turned completely red after his first loudly some saimin. (Note from me: Don't go to the sea with the bottle of sauce is chili pepper House on the counter next to me.) Our bowls of noodles steam arrives. I thought to ask the aunt of a fork, but decided against it after watching all devour them their food with these infamous chopsticks... which led to my inevitable presentation for poles.

Hamura's Saimin Kauai

A culinary experience of old-school on the island of Garden which is always packed with fans of Hamura hungry.

I poked around my Bowl before you enter the first heap of noodles with chopsticks. Gulp. Hey, it was easier that I remembered! SLURP. Before that I knew it, the heap of noodles-vegetables-won-ton-and-fishcake had disappeared. By far, the best bowl of saimin I had, which honestly only have tasted as amazing without the aid of a few sticks. I highly recommend Hamura Saimin Stand to all those who visit the Garden Island. It is one of these places in the business for decades and was able to keep all exactly the same: the walls of fading now indoors for the menu which has become a staple in the heart of Lihue.

HAMURA STAND SAIMIN / 2956 Kress St, Lihue, Colombia 96766 HI (map) and opens 1030 am - 10 pm, Fri - Sat 1030 am-12 am, Sun 1030 am - 9 pm Mon-Thu / 808-245-3271

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8 August 2012


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