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Slumber Sunday for the town of Hanapepe

The ancient city of plantation on Kaua'i Hanapepe'i is usually pretty mellow. Tourists walk quietly in the dusty road, weaving or in galleries and shops. Sections local drop for a quick eat bite, and all the while, a subtle buzz slowly awakens the city asleep.

Hanapepe Closed on Sundays

Hanapepe city takes a break on Sunday.

But Sunday is a day of sleep for Hanapepe. With especially each store closed, the city becomes ghost takes the feeling of abandonment. We led through a Sunday hoping to get the meal but have been surprised vacuum how it was. Dark Windows and doors blocked clearly Hanapepe was closed for business - a day of rest and respite. And in true fashion casual of the Kaua'i ' i, a shop had a sign "Went to the beach" rather than the traditional sign of "closed". A convenience store remained open, however; except that, the best choice for food would be the next city to the East.

Hanapepe is the only town in Kaua'i ' i I know that everything stops Sunday. I guess it's because the Hanapepe is much smaller than most. Compared to other cities dedicated to the booming tourism economy, this old plantation town is a younger brother, trying to keep pace with his brothers and sisters more aged. Popular tourist destinations on the South Po'ipu and Koloa are open on Sunday.

There are still many places to discover if you are on the South side of the Kaua'i ' i Sunday. As I mentioned, you can drive to the Mall East of Hanapepe for food and shopping. If you continue your walk West on the road to Kaumuali'i, then the places closest to refuel would Waimea or Kekaha.

HANAPEPE city / South coast, Kaua'i ' i (map) / closed Sunday

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