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What to buy in Hawaii: memories

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What memories do buy you in Hawaii? There are so many things to find it for you, friends and family, it is difficult to determine what gifts for the home. To remember easy shopping, I suggest focusing on three categories: food, clothingand the music. Keep reading to find out what to buy in Hawaii.

What is one of the best things in Hawaii? The food! Hawaii is a melting pot of unique cultures from around the world. As a result, Hawaii has a unique local identity.

What to buy in Hawaii: Macadamia NutsWhat to buy in Hawaii: macadamia nuts (photo: gochie ** / Flickr)

Macadamia nuts. A Hawaiian classic regal, the macadamia nut is synonymous with Hawaiian snacks. Try mac Hawaiian host chocolate-covered nuts or enter a variety of flavours grilled and seasoned of Mauna Loa.

100% Hawaiian coffee. When in Hawaii, buy Hawaiian coffee. Stop by a local coffee shop in Waikiki - I usually go to Kimo Bean - and pick up a few bags. 8 Oz. bag is $15 or $20. It is 100% worth it.

Hawaiian honey. Hawaiian honey is euphoric! My favorite honey is so far by bees of the large island. I usually buy mine at the local grocery store, as the Foodland, or command line.

Locally manufactured cookies. There are a few local businesses that make great cookie gift sets, as company of Honolulu Cookie or Big Island Candies. Try all their samples in the store, and buy a few boxes for you and your friends.

What type of clothing is Hawaii famous for? Not grass skirts, shirts Aloha! Identified by coloured patterns and prints all, Aloha shirts are what the people think of when Hawai'i comes to mind. (Aloha shirts are also known as the "Hawaiian shirts").

Aloha Shirts in HonoluluAloha shirts to Honolulu (photo: wallyg / Flickr)

Dress. Ladies look beautiful in aloha print dresses. There is something on this summer beach-time look, which illuminates in your wardrobe. A dress is perfect for the days warm and sunny where you are.Unisex shirt. The men, go bold and buy a Hawaiian shirt in memory. At home, you can wear your aloha shirt "Casual Fridays" or on luau party theme of the week. If Hawaiian shirts are "too strong" for you, look for muted prints that are much more subtle.Shorts (shorts bath). Business of fashion clothing, such as Reyn Spooner, fabricate a variety of aloha wear to choose, including bathing shorts. Mix things and wear a swimsuit at the pool of print aloha.Hat. Straw, such as those of Hilo Hattie, hats often have a tropical impression plate that allows you to make a statement with your hair.

A Hawaiian music CD is the perfect souvenir. You can listen to the music, long after the end of your holiday. The musical sounds of Hawaii will stir memories of the Islands, transports you to paradise, no matter where you are in the world.

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