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Hawaii all included vs Mexico

Top travel worldwide destinations: Hawaii and the Mexico, among others.  And although we do not deny the fun time you will have with tequila, limes and a salt rim, we're here to tell you that compare an all inclusive vacation Hawaii to an all inclusive Mexico one is a huge "no - no".  For your sake but also for your business travel-agent and sake!  We cannot tell you how many customers as compare Hawaii to the Mexico; the price, beaches, daytime activities, resorts, etc., wondering why Hawaii has be much more expensive.  Well, here's the truth: Ain ' Hawaii does t as the Mexico, so there is no sense in trying to compare apples with oranges.  Or may shut to shots of tequila.  Or cover-ups sombreros.  Get you it.

Hawaii is a holiday destination more expensive that the Mexico for a number of reasons.  First of all, Hawaii is a longer distance traveled from the Mexico for many people, making it the most expensive plane ticket.  Tickets always depend in large part is how much time travel, Hawaii is almost always more expensive than the Mexico in this aspect.  In addition, the Mexican economy allows you to get more for your dollar, since the peso was lower against the US dollar.  Food, souvenirs, activities, etc. are almost always cheaper than Hawaii because of this.

The Mexico has all inclusive resort centres such as Hawaii (but are Hawaii more difficult to find and accessible only by local travel agencies), which controls all food, beverages, entertainment and activities in the areas of popular resort destination.  In reviewing these things, the stations are able to control the pricing, and do to attract and seduce the visitors.  It is almost like having a monopoly, but with the effect reverses... Another great reason why Hawaii is more expensive that the Mexico is that everything in Hawaii is about 20% more than on the continent, from groceries to gas for the rental of equipment.  For example, here is a list of current gas prices: California is $ 3.77, Washington is $ 3.65, Utah is $3.40, New York is $ 3.75 and Hawaii is the most expensive State at $4.15 per gallon.  You can always expect the rule of common sense, and to the Mexico, it is not really apply.   Hawaii also has a different atmosphere to the Mexico.  Different kitchen, outdoor activities, local and popular attractions, and while the Mexico was every bit as interesting as those, we are simply pointing out the differences in why Hawaii is more expensive.  As we have said, including all vs all inclusive Mexico Hawaii in formula is not comparable, then do even not try it!

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30 July 2012


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