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Breadfruit Bounty to large island Fest

Breadfruit could easily qualify a Hawaii superfoods. It is filled with fiber, magnesium, potassium, calcium and vitamins a and C; not to mention, she sustained ancient culture of Hawaii for centuries. A superfoods with superhero powers?

Breadfruit Festival Hawaii

It is possible. Known as the ' ulu in Hawaiian, the preferred staple of the Islands has a long and colourful history as one first brought by the Polynesians travel canoe plants. But unlike kalo (taro) and 'uala (sweet potato)', ulu is often not the recognition it deserves. This is why there will be a festival entirely dedicated to the starch (and bananas) to Kona next month.

Adults and children can try their hand at a breadfruit, cooking competition ('ulu hummus, anyone?), and that take advantage of a demo of the celebrity chef Sam Choy. But what I'm most happy is of the order of the day of cultural activities - preparation ' ulu POI to make tissue tapa bark of ' ulu. The reason for which he called a canoe plant is because its trunk, leaves, flowers and sap provide timber, medicine, fiber and paper of glass; The Hawaiians antique trunk in a surfboard-shaped and, of course, a canoe.

This is the second year of the Big Island event, what happens to an once abundant area with sustainable food crops. Groves of trees to bread were so productive at the same time that it produced more than 35 000 tonnes of bread each year to support a thriving population of Hawaii. Today, you will find the largest collection in the world of fruit bread at the Kahanu Garden, just outside of Hana, Maui.

Breadfruit FESTIVAL GOES BANANAS / Saturday 29 September 2012 09 - 15 (free) / Amy Greenwell Garden, Captain Cook, HI 96704 (map) /

Photo credit: Hawaii local Food Network

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