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Bodyboarding and bodysurfing at Brennecke Beach

Located on the South shore of Kaua'i ' i, the Brennecke Beach is one of the small beaches of the island nestled at the eastern end of Poipu Beach Park. This is the little sister of the famous nearby Beach, including small stretch of sand can be seen easily by the main road.

Brennecke's Beach Kauai

Brennecke Beach has something for everyone.

Despite its small size, even of Brennecke manages attract large crowds every day. It is a popular place for Bodyboarding and bodysurfing, with so gentle waves that any beginner can learn here. Visitors can hire bodyboards shop Nukumoi surf across the street. Just be careful during the summer months when surfing on the South Shore can reach Advisory levels. Also note that there is no lifeguard on duty at Brennecke, do use therefore drive with extra caution in and around the water.

In addition to see bodyboarders and bodysurfers, you'll notice fishermen displayed along the rock wall. You can even get lucky and see sea turtles green of Hawaii, attending the region. Unfortunately, diving in apnea and swimming here are not recommended because often rough conditions.

It is interesting that we see today Brennecke was not always in this way. It is used for a break of 10 feet of the wall between what is now the water's edge and the beginning of the sandy beach. Bodyboarders and bodysurfers would cover just to wave to the wall. However, after Hurricane Iniki and Iwa hit several decades ago, the surf break was depleted of its sand supply. If instead of failure on a nice, same sandbank, the waves crashed on the bare rocks. What was once the most popular waves of Bodyboarding on the South side has become a thing of the past. It was there that the city intervened, bringing loads of sand dump truck; but less than a month, the sand would soon disappear. Finally, the problem has been fixed once the separation wall was taken down. Glued sand and the beach began to return to his previous form.

BRENNECKE Beach / 2100 Hoone Rd., Poipu, Kaua'i ' i 96756 (map) / amenities: showers, toilet and activities: Bodyboarding, bodysurfing, fishing and lounging on the sand; No surfboard / on free street parking

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