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Hawaii flight with free wine

It is wine-0 Hawaii on roads in mainland to Hawaii Hawaiian Airlines, with free wine offered to passengers 21 and older. Not only is it free, but it is a luxury which extends beyond the first flyers class Hawaiian serves a free glass of red or white wine to those of the same economy.

Free Wine on Hawaiian

Master sommelier Chuck Furuya Hawaii selects the list of wines, which comes with lunch or dinner. He began working in restaurants while going to College before taking his passion for wine to the next level. In 1988, he became the tenth person in the nation (and the only person in Hawaii) to pass the rigorous exam of Master Sommelier. Thus, the confidence that the wine of edge will be upscale in taste and quality.

This new addition of flights is part of the effort by the airline to reorganize its services - starting with a dash of flavours of the island to its menu of flight. Earlier this month, the airline added food, like kalua pork sandwiches and ris Hawaiian veal with cheese cream and guava jelly. The snack of Pau Hana, as their food for sale are called elements, include spam musubi, ramen and other snacks. Essentially, this could be the first time visitors to taste the infamous spam-rice-nori combo before landing at their destination Hawaii.

I travel as much as possible, and whenever I would book a flight choose Hawaiian. Not only because of the free wine, but because the service is always the best. not to mention, the seats are comfortable. So comfortable that I can really sleep on a plane. Of course, you may have to pay a little extra by comparing flight prices to other airlines, but I would say that it is certainly true. Once I traveled on other before airlines, on a direct flight to New York. The 10 hour flight seemed twice as long the hard seats and lack of free meals or snacks offered to passengers. Free wine is just an added bonus to the already impressive service when flying to Hawaii.

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13 August 2012


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