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Hawaii is free from Billboard

When driving on the roads of Hawaii, there is not need to worry these massive advertisements is between you and the ocean view. Hawaii is one of four States that prohibit billboards (Vermont, Maine and Alaska are States); So, no more constant reminders of Lovin how you must be ' Golden Arches or smoking glamour how can be.

Billboard Free Hawaii

A hypothetical picture of what might look like Hawaii with billboards.

Instead, you can enjoy a scenic cruise along the coast is clear and much more memorable that any advertising company can hope to accomplish. And that's exactly what makers of rule had in mind in 1927, the year that the ban took effect. Ironically, that has happened more than 20 years before Hawaii even became a State. State or territory, unspoiled natural beauty of Hawaii was to be shared with everyone.

While on the subject of the billboard ban, some cities Hawaii prohibiting McDonald's restaurants with the classical red roofs and arches of gold for which they are notable. For example, McDonald's in Kane' ohe has a green roof so that it blends with the rest of the stores in the shopping centre. Those of you who have embarked on this side of the O'ahu would also, understand why these arches huge signature may seem irrelevant in this town in the calm.

McDonalds in Hawaii

Restaurants McDonald may not have red or huge roof arches, such as Kane'ohe.

This would not have been possible without the help of the outer circle, a club of local urban beautification who defended the billboard-free efforts in Hawaii ' I. Without their help, visitors could return home with a completely different set of Islands. The view of Diamond Head would not also beautiful if there were condos and billboards at the base of the crater. It similarly to mountainous regions here, which would easily lose its importance in the Islands with the sight of billboards. That is why I am so grateful to be able to look out my window every morning and enjoy a lush, green mountains of KB postcard view of olau.

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29 July 2012


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