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"Hawaii Beach time" offers the pleasure

CFPs: sitting on a beach towel are all ideal foot to absorb the rays or relax after a swim in the ocean. Sand gets everywhere. your back and butt begin to hurt a little. Not to mention, these explosions of sand windy days which forced you to protect yourself or take cover. Ouch! It is not the Hawaii vacation that you have in mind.

Hawaii Beach Time

I would like you're there! Hawaii Beach Time in fact a reality for customers.

This is what local guy Ryan Weed discovered when the parents came to visit. He told us, "the only place where they can get a pleasant experience station-style with the presidents of right, shade, cold drinks and adventure gear in Waikiki... and Ko Olina.". But we all know that there are more Hawaii Waikiki fair, which has unfortunately become the incarnation of a Hawaiian getaway. There are tons of beaches to explore, then why should not visitors obtain this experience of "station-style" around elsewhere?

The answer to this question lies in recent Enterprise launched Ryan, Hawaii beach time. He brings experience from you; sunbeds, umbrellas, tents of canopy and fountains with ice. Following their slogan "Come to play" offer of Hawaii Beach time necessary gear for fun - boards of surfing, paddle boards, boogie boards, kayaks, equipment for diving and floating tubes. There are jackets and guns in water for the keiki (children) and nets for volleyball for those who prefer an action on the ground.

Hawaii Beach Time Volleyball

Nothing more sandy, moist with a good "ole beach volleyball."

What I like time Hawaii Beach, it is that they are all on the clients, the affordable "value packs" which are adapted to the beaches of O'ahu specific to the shovel of the Insider on the best places for snorkeling, surfing and so on. Ask here because no question is stupid. Packages last four hours and include specific items that you may need for Waikiki, Ala Moana, sunset Sun and Lanikai. Customers are able to add other articles as they see fit. Currently, the company also offers kayaking to Kane 'ohe sandbank, a jewel of O' ahu in the wind.

"Look back to the people all the time to ensure their day at the beach is great," said Ryan, who has the intention to extend the Hawaii Beach Time in Maui and parts of the Big Island. Maui operations should start early 2013.

Hawaii Beach time brings not only fun and relaxation to clients, but it prevents them from having to buy this thing for just a few times of use. As Ryan pointed out, the rental stands we see today are limited to a few locations on the island; Hawaii Beach time allows visitors to choose their range of choices rather than rental companies choose for them. We love it and cannot wait to see this small business to grow!

Beach of HAWAII time / rental of beach gear delivered to customers & excursion kayak of Kane'ohe sandbar / / 808 585 1474

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