Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Hang Loose on Hawaii Tours!

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What is the best part in take Hawaiian vacation tours? You do not drive! A visit will allow you to sit and relax or as we like to say in the Islands, hang loose!

Shaka! Hang loose on Hawaiian toursShaka! Hang loose on the tours of Hawaii

If you're wondering why you should take tours of Hawaii, it is simple:

Can be a little difficult to navigate the streets of Hawaii. Most of the streets have names of Hawaii, and I've heard "they all sound even.". While it is an island, you can find yourself lost quite easily. Do not add stress to your vacation. Hang loose on the towers of Hawaii with us and you save stress!

And if you rent a car, take a tour of the island of the first circle and discover the best places of the island go back and enjoy later!

As "Ambassadors of the Aloha", we are experts in Hawaii who want to show you all that we love this place! Taking Hawaiian tours will learn you the magic behind the most beautiful points of Hawaii.

The view from the Nu'uanu Pali Lookout is common on our tours. But do you know about it's historical significance? The view from the belvedere of Pali Nu'uanu is common on our visits. But do you know the historical significance?

We know what really matters to our guests. Exceptional service, an amazing experience and a delicious lunch! We've taken the guessing game of "what is for lunch?" and manage the arrangements for local, fresh, and delicious breakfast.

Discover the delicious meals of our circle Island Eco Adventure Tour options! (They are next to the description of the Tower). And here's a glance at the video tour, it is one of our most exciting excursions!

And who wants to eat in a restaurant when your tour, you can eat at the beach !

Rent a car is an excellent idea and a surprisingly discover the island, rent a car can be expensive. I recommend to rent a car for only a portion of your vacation. You will save money this way. The costs associated with the rental of a car are:

Fresh parking car insurance (public parking and your hotel) GasRental

Don't forget to hang loose on visits to Hawaii. Did you know that the shaka is the international symbol of "hang loose." So always shaka back!

You can add a little aloha to your day by participating in our summer photo contest Shaka. Submit your photo throwing a shaka, wherever you are or whatever you are doing and enter to win a Hawaiian incredible one care Kit value over $ 150!

We hope to experience Hawaii with you, thank you for reading and Alooooha!

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Born and raised on the island of Oahu, Kekai Fernández graduated in journalism at the University of State of San Diego and studied abroad in the South Pacific to write the travel experience. Favorite hobbies include: surfing, diving, playing ukulele and motorcycles.


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